Halsey thanks fans after announcing she/they pronouns

The 'Without Me' star updated their social bio sections this weekend

Halsey has thanked fans for their support after the singer updated their pronouns to she/they on Twitter and Instagram.

The ‘Without Me’ star updated their social bio sections on Saturday (March 13), leading to an outpour of positive comments from followers.

“thank you,” the singer wrote along with a red heart in an Instagram story on Saturday afternoon, acknowledging the support shown.


Several fans thanked Halsey for giving them and others confidence regarding their own gender presentation. “i hope halsey changing their pronouns gives others the confidence to express what also makes them feel comfortable,” one Twitter user wrote. “it’s okay to not fit into the categories society puts you in.”

The update comes shortly after Halsey opened up about their pregnancy on Twitter, explaining how they feel “it has leveled [their] perception of gender entirely”.

Last week, the singer took to Instagram to share how they have spent the past month reflecting on the pregnancy news, announced late last month.

“February is the shortest month, but the days seem like they are taking very long. Butttttt also going so fast?!” they wrote.

“I’ve been thinking lots about my body. it’s strange to watch yourself change so quickly. I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about ‘womanhood’ but truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely.


“My sensitivity to my body has made me hyper aware of my humanness and that’s all. Doing a remarkable thing. And it’s grand. I hope the feeling lasts.”

Halsey is also set to sell their paintings for the first time through a non-fungible tokens (NFT) auction.

As well as being a musician and writer, the pop star is a keen artist and has shown their creations through a livestream to announce their album ‘Manic’ in 2019 and as illustrations in their 2020 book, I Would Leave Me If I Could.