Hannibal Buress says he wrote a Kanye West diss track, but is relieved it was never released

The comedian wrote the song when he was working on 'SNL'

Hannibal Buress has revealed he once wrote a song dissing Kanye West.

The comedian and Broad City actor was working at SNL at the time and penned the track in response to lyrics slating the show on West’s ‘Power’. On the song, West rapped: “Fuck SNL and the whole cast/Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass”.

Buress told Esquire: “I wasn’t actually mad about him saying ‘Fuck SNL and the whole cast’. It was more just like I could take it and run with it since I’m working at SNL. It came from a disingenuous place, so I’m really glad looking back that I didn’t release it.”

He explained that he had written the diss track in “June or May of 2010” and that he had made it because he “knew what it would do if I released it”. He also said it was “really mean”, but insisted that it didn’t come from a place of “true Kanye hatred”.

Buress also revealed that he once beat LA MC Open Mike Eagle, who was the comedian’s resident advisor at college, in a rap battle.

“I had some funny stuff, I made it to the second round,” he explained. “It was first or second round when me and Open Mike Eagle went at it, but, I don’t know, something lit under me, man. The synapses or whatever in my brain were flowing, they were connecting, and I beat Open Mike Eagle in a rap battle years back.”