Hans Zimmer to release score for upcoming James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’

It's his first ever Bond score

Hans Zimmer will release his score to the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die next month.

Promising “high drama, glamour and…the famous Bond suspense motif,” Zimmer’s first ever Bond score will be released on March 27.

Speaking about his involvement in the project last month, Zimmer said: “Having the opportunity to work on a franchise as iconic as 007 has been an incredibly humbling experience…We are all so excited for the world to hear the new sounds of James Bond in No Time To Die.”


Director Cary Joji Fukunaga added: “I’m beyond excited that Hans is scoring No Time To Die.

“The music of Bond has always been iconic and I’ve already witnessed Hans adding his touch of genius to the Bond legacy.”

Last night, Billie Eilish performed the track at the Brit Awards alongside Zimmer, her brother and the song’s co-writer Finneas, as well as Johnny Marr who plays guitar on the track. 

Speaking to NME about his involvement in the track, Marr said he was “thrilled” to provide guitar on the track, explaining: “Growing up as a British boy in the late 60s, 70s, 80s, to me, the Bond theme should have guitar in it – especially the John Barry stuff.

“The sound of it to me, the guitar riff. It’s a super thrill to do it.”


As for the track itself, Marr praised Eilish’s efforts as “fantastic” and said the minimalist ballad created by Eilish and brother Finneas O’Connoll was a “brave” choice.

“When I heard the song, I thought ‘this is fantastic’. It’s very brave, being very minimalist. It’s her sound, and then the trick was to Bond-ify it,” he explained.

“It was already a great song, but from a sound point of view, to Bond-ify it without doing the obvious. It’s really easy to be bombastic, so it was a case of less is more, and making it work with the film.”

No Time To Die is released in the UK on April 3.

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