Bez registers political party under new name and can now stand in general election

Happy Mondays member changes party name to 'We Are The Reality Party'

The Electoral Commission has approved a new name for Happy Mondays member Bez‘s political party.

Bez recently made headlines when his party – then called the Reality Party – was reported to have missed the deadline for registration to stand in this May’s general election.

However, it’s now emerged that the problem related to the similarities in name between Bez’s party and the existing Realist Party. The party’s name has now been altered to We Are The Reality Party and will be able to stand in this year’s General Election.


Bez explained the situation in a press release, saying: “I certainly didn’t wake up one morning and forget to register The Reality Party. Far from it. The Electoral Commission didn’t run checks thoroughly before giving us the green light in March 2014, and then months later suddenly wanted to question our party name when it came to light that we might confuse voters.

“The whole process over the last couple of months has been handled a bit carelessly by the Electoral Commission. However, we understand that people can make mistakes But let’s put that behind us. As far as we’re concerned, we always were the Reality Party. WE ARE The Reality Party NOW”.

Bez will now stand for election in Salford and Eccles, with bookies giving the star chances of 25/1 to win.

Bez’s party was established in 2014 as an anti-fracking party, but has a wide range of enviromental policies, including free public transport and free food and drinking water.

“Labour has sold working class Britons down the river,” Bez says of his reason for standing in the upcoming election. “Meanwhile, the Tories are now beating us black and blue in a dark alley. I am standing for everyday Britons who want their country back. WE ARE THE REALITY PARTY is fighting the revolution”.

Meanwhile, Bez has begun a week-long ‘bed-in’ protest against fracking.


The protest, inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s two anti-Vietnam war protests in 1969, has the support of Ono herself. In 2013 she penned the anti-fracking anthem ‘Don’t Frack My Mother’, which was performed by her son Sean Lennon.

Bez told NME: “We’re off to a great start because we’ve already attracted the attention of the world’s media. The fact is that 69 per cent of our land has been licenced for fracking and it’s been done without consultation with any of us. We haven’t been told about the dangers.”