The reformed rockers are planning to release a version of 'Sympathy For The Devil'...

Happy Mondays are planning to release a version of the Rolling Stones’ ‘SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL’ later this year.

The band, who reformed at the end of 1998, have added the tune to their live show, and now plans are afoot to record and release the song as a single.

Shaun Ryder is said to be determined to come back full time as a “pop star” and wants to concentrate on making new music.


Since reforming the Mondays, Ryderhas released two singles which have performed badly in the charts. The first, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ , was a bastardised version of the Thin Lizzy song; while his duet with Manchester opera singer Russell Watson, a cover of Freddie Mercury and Monsterrat Caballe‘s ‘Barcleona’, entered last week’s charts at a disappointing Number 68.

Shaun is now eager to write original material of a “higher quality”. He told Radio 1 recently that he wanted to collaborate with old Black Grape singer Kermit – now singing in his own new band Big Dog.

Shaun said: “I don’t know how he’d feel about coming back. If he’s still sulking with me, we’ll just have a different singer.

“My brother was in Happy Mondays and he’s left now and that’s great ‘cos I can get on with things quicker rather than spending half the time arguing with Our Kid.”

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