Reunited band announce four dates in April...

Happy Mondays (right, the way they were in ten years ago), who have finally reunited with Bez, have announced four UK dates in April and will release a new single with DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold.

The band will play

Manchester Evening News Arena (April 23) Glasgow SECC (24) London Brixton Academy (27 & 28)


with Oakenfold as support.

The single, which has yet to be recorded, will be released sometime prior to the shows.

Shaun Ryder (left, with new member Nuts aka Peanuts) signed a contract to play the gigs and release the single almost six years to the day that the Mondays split up. Bez agreed to join the band last week just days after Ryder told NME he feared his long-time partner would not be involved in the reformation. He also wrote an appeal for Bez‘s whereabouts in his Daily Sport collumn after he went missing.

Ryder said: “It took us two meetings, the first one lasted about five hours but the next one was cool. We knocked him down from his #50,000 to #15 and a free Admiral T-shirt. Bez is worth #15… no he’s worth a lot more. He’s fun, d’you know what I mean? He’s cool, everyone’s cool.”

The live set will include around 15 Mondays songs, including ‘Kinky Afro’, ‘Loose Fit’, ‘Wrote For Luck’ and ‘Hallelujah’.

Oakenfold and new Mondays member Nuts will be remixing some of the songs to play live.


Ryder explained: “Because it’s the ’90s, with remixes and things, we’re going to do them (the old Mondays songs) as remixes, keep it cool, you know. We’re going to keep them so you know what the tunes are, but they’re remixes man.”

The Mondays line-up now includes Ryder, original bass player Paul Ryder, Bez, backing singer Rowetta, Nuts, original drummer Gaz Whelan and Paul ‘Wags’ Wagstaff from Black Grape on guitar.

Ryder revealed that he had not been in contact with Mark Day and Paul Davies who played guitar and keyboards in the original Mondays line-up.

He said: “Mark Day‘s gone. Paul Davies is gone, alias Knobhead and Cowhead. I don’t think I spoke to them two years before the band split.”

Tickets for the shows are available from NME‘s 24-hour ticketline on 0870 1212 500.Click here to check out our online gig guide.

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