Shaun Ryder exclusively introduces readers to his latest band member Nuts. See it in RealVideo...

Happy Mondays have a new member called Nuts and despite stories that he wasn’t going to do it – he wanted too much money, he was in hiding – it now looks likely that Bez will join them.

Talking at the London premiere of the NME Premier Review last week, Ryder revealed his new partner as 25-year-old ‘Nuts’, aka ‘Peanuts’, from Cheetham Hill, Manchester, who will be singing Black Grape numbers onstage with the band, remixing old Happy Mondays songs and working on new tracks.

Nuts met Ryder last year at the Manumission club in Ibiza where the two were on holiday.


According to Ryder, they bonded over “free champagne and sex”.

Nuts, who has never performed live with a band before, declared: “I’m like the newest member of Shaun‘s elite squad. I’m learning all the time and it’s just nice to be around people who know the business. My belly hasn’t stopped turning over yet.”

He continued: “The original reason (we reformed) was basically to pay off my fucking ridiculous tax bill. If there’s one thing I don’t like doing it’s paying tax and I have to, I have got to do it.

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Shaun Ryder introduces us to Nuts


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“But to be quite honest, now it’s being done for fun. It’s about enjoying it again. If you can’t enjoy it, don’t fucking do it. You know? You listen to the Mondays‘ stuff that’s ten years old, man, and it sounds fresh.”

So far the reformed Mondays line-up also has original bassist Paul Ryder, guitarist Paul ‘Wags’ Wagstaff, original drummer Gaz Whelan and backing singer Rowetta. The dates and venues for the nine shows will be announced shortly.

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