Bez to stage week-long anti-fracking ‘bed-in’ at five-star London hotel

Dancer turned political activist will begin seven day protest with his girlfriend later this month

Bez and girlfriend Firouzeh Razavi are to stage a week-long anti-fracking Bed-in later this month.

The Happy Mondays’ dancer will begin his John Lennon inspired protest on February 9, with himself and Razavi staying in the Motcalm Hotel at The Brewery in London (pictured right) until February 15.

Bez says that the stunt will raise awareness of the Shale Fracking techniques used by the British government.


“Where John Lennon and Yoko Ono holed up for a week in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam for their ‘Bed-in for Peace’ on March 25, 1969, Firouzeh and I are compelled to do our ‘Bed-in against Fracking’ which has been thrust upon us all undemocratically. No one in Britain wants Fracking. But the government is, against the will of the people, trying to force it upon us all. And we’re not having it,” says Bez.

The protest will also see the couple busy on February 14, something Bez is using to his advantage. “It’s taking the hassle out of what to do for Valentine’s Day,” he says. “We’re not getting out of the bed for the entire week”.

Bez will also be joined in bed by a variety of guests either paying him a visit in person or beaming in via Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts. A daily roundup of the day’s activities will be streamed each night on YouTube.

Earlier this year Bez’s campaign to be elected MP for Salford was dealt a blow when he failed to register a new name for his political party, two days after launching his election campaign.

The Electoral Commission apparently wrote to Bez several times to warn that his Reality Party would be removed from the electoral register as it sounded too similar to pre-existing Realists’ Party (Commission rules forbid two parties having similar names as it might confuse the electorate). The musician was given a deadline of January 12, his campaign’s official launch day, to come up with a new name but forgot to respond.

Bez, real name Mark Berry, spent the day putting up posters around Salford urging voters to “join the revolution” instead.