But it will all be written by Nuts and not Shaun Ryder...

Happy Mondays are planning to release an album of new material following the success of their recent comeback shows.

New member Nuts is slated to write the majority of the songs, although sources close to the band confirm that Shaun Ryder has been writing as well.

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Ryder told NME: “There’s going to be a new album but I’m not going to be doing fuck-all on it.

“It’s all down to him, Nuts. He’s going to write it all.”

Prior to joining the Happy Mondays, Nuts, aged 25 from Cheetham Hill, Manchester, had never performed live before, but now fancies his chances at taking the reins of the band.

Nuts said: “I’m going to be writing it (the new album). We want to get a studio somewhere near Manchester so we can all go home each day. Take it all nice and chilled and do it properly, you know.”

A spokesman for the band couldn’t confirm when work would start on the new LP. The spokesman also denied rumours that the band were set to play low-key club dates in autumn.

Meanwhile, Happy Mondays will appear at this season’s opening of Ibiza’s Manumission club along with Howard Marks on June 14.


The band will also play this year’s V99 festivals at Weston Park, Staffordshire (August 21) and Hylands Park, Chelmsford (22), and T In The Park in Perthshire (July 11).

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