The singer says he doesn't get on with the rest of the band...

Shaun Ryder claims there’ll be no more original Happy Mondays material because he doesn’t get on with the rest of the band.

Since the Mondays reformed at the end of 1998, the band have released one new single, a cover of Thin Lizzy‘s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’, and it was rumoured that they’d go on to make a new album.

Now Ryder has told nme.com, in a cheeky parody of Noel Gallagher: “There won’t be any Mondays material…I mean I don’t like the band. I like Wags and I like Gaz but I don’t get on with anybody else, it’s just a job.


“They’re up their own arse, they’re all pretentious and think they’re pop stars.”

Ryder was speaking from Barcelona, where he was shooting the video for a version of ‘Barcelona’. On the track, he performs a duet with 27-year-old Manchester-based opera singer Russell Watson, who has sung at England football and rugby internationals and Manchester United games.

Meanwhile, the Mondays have just started rehearsing for Glastonbury and their Oasis support slots in July.

Of the shows, Ryder said: “I think I’d rather be here on the beach than rehearsing. If Glastonbury offers a gig and then you get offered support on Oasis and the money’s right, you might as well do 45 minutes on stage. If they pay well, then you do it.”

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