BEZ, former member of Happy Mondays and Black Grape, was arrested on the festival site...

BEZ, former dancer and ‘vibemaster’ with Happy Mondays and Black Grape, was arrested at Glastonbury Festival and removed from the site by police.

Bez (second from right with Black Grape) was apprehended along with another man in the Avalon Field at around 2.30pm on Friday afternoon. He was handcuffed and driven away in a police vehicle to the custody unit in Yeovil.

Inspector Keith Jones of Avon & Somerset Police Press Department said that Bez (real name Mark Berry), was “arrested on suspicion of intent to supply drugs”. However, police have been unable to confirm to [I]NME whether Bez was charged.


Bez was due to join former Clash supremo Joe Strummer for a dual DJ set on Sunday night in the Dance Tent. However, Bez was not allowed back onto the festival site to perform his set.

Much more Glastonbury news plus full festival review in this week’s mud-free NME (cover date July 4, 1998).

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