Release date set for their Thin Lizzy version...

The newly reformed Happy Mondays are to release their new single ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ on May 10 through London Records.

The single is not strictly speaking a cover of the Thin Lizzy original. According to the band’s spokesman, it was “inspired by the Phil Lynott song, but doesn’t sound a thing like the original”.

“It’s fantastic,” he continued, “a real amalgamation of your Mondays and your Grape, just a big fat sound that’s skanking!”


The full tracklisting on CD1 is: ‘The Boys Are Back In Town (Clean Mix)’, ‘Kinky Afro (Lorimar Mix)’ and ‘The Boys Are Back In Town (Oakie 12″ Mix)’. CD2 features ‘The Boys Are Back In Town (Dirty Mix)’, ‘Bob’s Yer Uncle (Oakie Mix)’ and ‘Loose Fix’, a version of their single ‘Loose Fit’ which featured on the Mondays B-side compilation LP ‘Loads More’.

The cover art is currently being completed by Central Station, who did all the Mondays’ distinctive record covers earlier in their career and whose art became synonymous with the Madchester scene.

Meanwhile, Shaun Ryder has scotched tabloid reports that a warrant is out for his arrest over unpaid child support to his former girlfriend, Trish, for the upbringing of their child, Jale.

A spokesman told NME that a warrant had been issued two months ago in Manchester, but that it was over a legal problem more than an unwillingness to pay.

Ryder had immediately made the outstanding payment of ‘1,500 when the problem was brought to his attention by his lawyers.

Meanwhile, the Happy Mondays‘ comeback gigs start on April 21 at Hereford Leisure Centre.


Tickets – if any remain – are available from‘s 24-hour ticketline on 0870 121 0125 or click here to go to our online gig guide and ticket service.