Lots of pop stars drive really fast - and then talk exclusively to NME.COM about it...

Members of MASSIVE ATTACK, HAPPY MONDAYS, SKUNK ANANSIE and BENTLEY RHYTHM ACE were all at the celebrity premiere of the ‘GUMBALL 3000’ film last night (December 12).

The premiere and subsequent party took place at the renamed ‘Museum of Gumball’ in London, and was to celebrate the annual Gumball motor racing event, inspired by ’70s films ‘Cannonball Run’ and ‘The Gumball Rally’.

Last year’s event took place in May and travelled across 13 European countries. A documentary film was made, featuring musicians including Goldie, Bez and Nutz from the Happy Mondays and Skunk Anansie bassist Cass – all driving at high speed across Europe. It is hoped the film will get a television premiere in the New Year.


Speaking exclusively to NME.COM about last year’s rally, Skunk Anansie’s Cass said the best part was “just living on the edge”. He continued: “(Just) driving so fast that you drive beyond your skills. I was with Goldie and we were in a British muscle car! What’s Goldie like behind the wheel? Mad! What do you expect he’s like?”

Happy Mondays vocalist Nutz shared a car with Bez across Europe. He said: “I did the Gumball last year and we’re doing it again next year. I think the most hair-raising moment was having Bez behind the wheel! He’s not bad but it’s a bit scary sometimes – we averaged about 140mph, and not a bump on the car, it’s a Jaguar, so lend us another one next year!”

Massive Attack’s Daddy G had come out of his band’s studio for the night, where they are putting the final touches to the fourth Massive Attack record. He told NME.COM he was here to “spin a few records, nothing fancy”. He added Massive Attack are testing two more singers for their new album, to see if “they fit into the concept of what we are trying to get together at the moment”.

Although reluctant to reveal the album’s title, he joked that the first letter of the title is “W”, before adding “WC I think!”

Next year’s Gumball is from London to Moscow and back, and starts on April 26.

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