Bez attacks ‘puppet’ David Cameron as he begins election campaign in Salford

Happy Mondays member will stand in Salford, representing his own Reality party

Happy Mondays member Bez has begun his campaign in this year’s general election by posting posters around Salford urging voters to “join the revolution”.

Bez, who lauched his Reality party in 2014, is to stand in his home city of Salford, Greater Manchester and claims that the current MP, Labour’s Hazel Blears, has “let everyone down” in the local area. Blears will step down from Westminster this year with Rebecca Long-Bailey selected as Labour’s next candidate for the election.

The Guardian reports that free beer was handed out to supporters at the launch of Bez and the Reality party’s campaign. “The Labour party was supposed to defend the people and be for the working class, but now they only have ever-so-slightly different polices from the Conservatives,” Bez told those who gathered to hear him speak.

The Reality party was established as an anti-fracking party but has a wide range of enviromental policies, including free public transport and free food and drinking water. “If people come together, and if you look at all the spare land what’s going about, we could turn every bit of land into a permaculture. That’s my dream,” Bez said.

As well as outlining his parties policies, Bez also attacked prime minister, David Cameron, calling him a “puppet” for big business corporations and bankers. He stated: “We don’t want to get dictated to by corporate bankers who have formed the Fourth Reich. My granddad didn’t die in the war for fuck all.”

Nigel Askew, a pub landlord, will also stand for the Reality party in 2015. He will be a candidate in the east Kent constituency of South Thanet, facing Ukip leader, Nigel Farage.