A tussle onboard a ferry leads to Bez and Rowetta's non-appearance in Ireland...

Happy Mondays look to have split again after an alleged fight broke out between Shaun Ryder and backing singer ROWETTA on a ferry over to DUBLIN‘s WITNNESS FESTIVAL at the weekend.

Following the incident, neither Rowetta or Bez joined Shaun on stage at the festival and at the end of the Mondays‘ set, Shaun announced: “That was our last show, ever.”

A spokesman for Stena Line ferries yesterday (August 8) told The Sun newspaper: “A female and one of the group had a fight. The captain threatened to turn the ship around unless they behaved.”

A spokesperson for the band could not be reached by this morning (August 9), as it appears that the Mondays no longer have anyone dealing with press enquiries regarding the group.