Would-be MP Bez says the government is ‘bought and paid for by bankers’

Happy Mondays dancer is standing for parliament to get permaculture on the national curriculum

Parliamentary candidate Bez has accused the government of being “bought and paid for” by the banking system.

The Happy Mondays dancer is standing as an independent candidate for Salford, stating he feels the current government has “been lobbied out of their minds”.

Writing in The Guardian, Bez admitted he had never voted, but wanted to “fight the revolution from within”. He added: “There is a system set up that we live in, and I’ve got to use that system.”


Bez said he has lived by permaculture for the past three years, and that he wants to see the self-sufficient agricultural lifestyle introduced to the national curriculum. On Sunday (March 16), Bez joined a group of 60 anti-fracking protestors at a rally in Cheshire. “I believe fracking is unsafe technology,” he said. “The damage it could do to the environment is irreversible.”

Salford is a safe Labour seat and Bez, who will stand in the 2015 general election, admitted he has little hope of winning. “The only thing I have in my favour is a small amount of celebrity,” he said. “It’s not about winning; it’s about the fight.”