Trailer for Shaun Ryder’s UFO TV series unveiled – watch

The hedonistic Happy Mondays frontman has been traveling the world investigating alien lifeforms on earth

The trailer for Shaun Ryder’s forthcoming TV show on UFOs has emerged online – watch it above.

The hard-partying Happy Mondays frontman has been traveling the world investigating the subject for the show, which begin airing on History on November 10.

“I got asked about doing a TV show and it’s like, what do want to do? So, I thought, why not go chasing UFOs?” Ryder told NME previously.


The search took him as far afield as Chile, and saw him in conversation with a number of UFOlogists – not all of whom impressed. “The thing is, right, a lot of UFOlogists, are fucking up it mate, they’re fucking proper, proper up it, and they give it a bad name,” says Ryder. “You know, some are not UFOlogists, just fucking raving bonkers, you know, they’re just absolute knobheads. Then you’ve got some that are really smart and intellectual, and you’ve got real scientists as well.”

Happy Mondays will play UK tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their second album ‘Bummed’ next month.

Happy Mondays will play:

Canterbury Kings Hall (November 21)
London The Forum (22)
Manchester Ritz (23)
Norwich UEA (25)
Leicester O2 Academy (28)
Newcastle O2 Academy (29)
Leeds O2 Academy (30)
Glasgow O2 Academy (December 1)
Hertfordshire The Forum (4)
Bournemouth O2 Academy (5)
Birmingham O2 Academy (6)
Liverpool O2 Academy (7)
Sheffield O2 Academy (12)
Oxford O2 Academy (13)

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