Shaun Ryder does a shift in a Manchester branch of Oxfam

The Happy Mondays man got involved in the 'Give a Shift' campaign for the charity

Happy Monday’s frontman Shaun Ryder has spent time volunteering in the Chorlton, Manchester Oxfam store as part of the charity’s ‘Give A Shift’ campaign.

The Oxfam campaign aims to encourage the public to volunteer, asking people to give time in aid of their fight against poverty, injustice and suffering. The ‘Give a Shift‘ campaign stretches to volunteering at festivals, and asks members of the public to give up time – from four hours a week – to help out in stores and other areas of the charity’s work.

Ryder explained why he appeared in the Manchester store, saying: “It’s terrible that in this day and age millions of people go to bed hungry and scared just because they are poor. It’s so unfair. If more people volunteered in Oxfam shops, the charity could help more people having a bad time and give them what they need for a better future. I think that’s worth giving up some of my free time for and I want other people to do the same too.”


There are more than 650 Oxfam stores throughout the UK, with more than 23,000 volunteers currently involved with the charity. The stores sell in excess of £6million worth of music per year, with the charity running specialist music stores since 2001.


Ryder spoke of his future plans for Happy Mondays last summer, as well as of a planned solo album, in an interview with NME.

The Mondays record will relate to Ryder’s time in the jungle, while speaking of the solo record, the singer said:

“I’ve done the record with Sonny Levine, who also worked on [Happy Mondays’ 2007 album] ‘Unkle Dysfunctional’, and while I was getting there on that record, this is the first one I’ve done totally [sober],” he said. “We did half of the album in LA and the other half in Manchester, and it’s been a blast. Years ago, when I was pumped full of drugs, I thought I was doing myself a favour and making things easier. But when you’ve got a clear head, there’s nothing fucking easier than that. I wish I’d learned that 20 fucking years ago and saved myself a lot of time!”