Bez loses appeal against assault conviction

Happy Mondays man also threatened with arrest in court

Bez has lost an appeal to overturn a conviction of assaulting the mother of his child.

The Happy Mondays star appeared at Manchester Crown Court after spending four weeks this summer in jail because he attacked former partner Monica Ward.

At the end of the day long hearing, Bez was asked to pay £500 costs, reports the BBC.

“It’s a joke,” was Bez’s response to the judge. “I’m going to take this to a higher court.”

Bez also referred to the outcome as a “stitch-up”, to which Judge Roger Dutton said: “I would be very careful what you choose to say. If you express yourself in that way again I will have you arrested.”

Bez declined to speak outside the court, but a statement was read on his behalf. The statement read: “I am disappointed at the appeal ruling and have undertaken this appeal to clear my name, nothing more.”