Shaun Ryder to make cameo appearance in ‘Shameless’ tonight (February 10)

'Morrissey' is also featured in the show

Shaun Ryder is set to make a cameo in tonight’s episode of ‘Shameless’ (February 10).

The Happy Mondays frontman is seen walking his dog in the programme, although he doesn’t actually speak at any point.

“I don’t really like doing owt like that,” he’s said, regarding his foray into acting. “But the part was cool because I didn’t have to speak or anything. I tried, I can’t do it – I’m hopeless. I had a go at acting once and that was enough for me.”

Tonight’s episode, which airs on Channel 4 at 10pm (GMT), focuses on a group of Manchester youths who take local students on a tour of the area with the promise of introducing them to the city’s most famous music stars, such as Ryder and Morrissey.

Ryder said he eventually decided to take the part because he didn’t have to learn any lines, reports the Mirror.

He admitted: “It’s not really a role. I just give them a wave and walk on. No lines to learn, that’s why I did it.”