Happy Mondays recording new album

Shaun Ryder announces follow-up to 'Uncle Dysfunktional'

Happy Mondays are recording a new album and hope to release it in early 2009.

Singer Shaun Ryder confirmed that the band were recording the follow-up to 2007’s ‘Uncle Dysfunktional’ in Stockport.

The singer told Billboard: “It’s sounding good. We had a few tracks left over from the last Mondays‘ album, so we thought that we might as well do another one.

“Knowing us, it’ll probably come out in about two years time. I mean, the other one, we had that in the can for, what, two years before that got released, because of legal problems. It took us eight or nine years to sort out all that.

“So we’ve now got ourselves a new set of legal problems, which will probably take another few years to sort out and then we can get this one out.”

The new album will be Happy Mondays‘ sixth.