But there's been a bit of a role reversal for the former Happy Mondays bandmates...

SHAUN RYDER and BEZ have joined forces again – but this time they have reversed roles.

After spending years as Ryder’s dancing sidekick in the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, Bez is now stepping into the spotlight with his first solo single, with Ryder on production duties.

Talking to Manchester’s City Life magazine, Ryder said: “I’ve just produced Bez’s first single. He wrote it and we’re going to have it out in April or May.

“He’s singing on it – his singing voice is a bit like mine. He’s spent 20 years with me, so of course his voice sounds like mine. But I ain’t 25 years old anymore, and I don’t have to go out drinking and taking drugs every night of the fucking week, which people expect. You do grow up and mature – I’m not a total bore though.”

Ryder decamped to Australia following the second acrimonious split of the Happy Mondays, where he recorded last year’s ‘Amateur Night At The Big Top’ album, something he now claims was never meant as a proper album.

He said: “It’s really (my cousin) Pete’s project that I’ve got involved in and all he wanted me to do was just speak on it and that was it. He wanted me to tell stories and things like that. It wasn’t meant to be a chart album – more of a problem.”

Ryder can be seen on a new documentary, ’Shaun Ryder Comes Clean’ this Sunday (February 15) at 9pm on BBC3.