Follwing his 'Celebrity Big Brother' triumph, it seems a fly-on-the-wall show about the dancer is planned...

Following his ‘CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER’ triumph, BEZ is being lined-up as the next OZZY OSBOURNE..

According to Brand Republic, Channel 4 are planning a fly-on-the-wall show around the former Happy Mondays dancer to replace ‘The Osbournes’, which is in its last series.

Ideas for the show include reuniting Bez with former bandmates Shaun Ryder and ‘X-Factor’ runner-up Rowetta.

Bez has also spoken to the Manchester Evening News about his new found mainstream fame, and admitted he went on a 24 hour bender after winning ‘Big Brother’ which caused him to miss an appearance on ‘Richard & Judy’.

“I have places in London where nobody will ever find me,” Bez told the Manchester Evening News after his disappearance. “There were some of my friends from Manchester, including Rowetta and some of the Blazin’ Squad, and we stayed up all night until 10am on Monday. We had some record decks and a DJ. It was even better than the old days.”

Bez, who pocketed £50,000 winnings from the show, also explained that he’ll be spending the cash on settling a bankruptcy bill.

“I did it for a reason – to get myself out of the financial trouble I was in,” he said. “It means I have a fresh start. I can pay off all my debts. I have a clean bill of health.”

As for his future plans all he would say was: “I’ll just follow my nose and see where it takes me. I just want to take it in my stride.”