The dancer looks like a good bet to triumph in the reality TV show...

Happy Mondays dancer BEZ is the current favourite to win ‘CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER’.

The Madchester legend entered the house last night (January 6) alongside stars such as Germaine Greer, Caprice, Jeremy Edwards and racing pundit John McCririck, a combination that Channel 4 bosses believe will see the highest ratings yet.

Bez danced for the cameras before entering the house saying: “I’m in it for the entertainment value, to make some wages and some money for charity. I can’t do better than that. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m just a normal, average Joe.”

Ladbrokes spokesman Warren Lush commented: “Bookies aren’t raving mad to make Bez favourite to win.”

Former Factory Records boss and close friend Tony Wilson commented: “It will be a similar experience to what the country had a year ago, when they expected John Lydon to be a brutal, rude and controversial figure, when, of course, he’s incredibly intelligent, warm and funny.”

“With Bez, as with Shaun Ryder, viewers will expect some nutter. Instead, they will find a warm, funny and clever boy.”

“I don’t think it’s a career thing for him,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “He thinks it will be fun. People will like him, because he’s warm and also because his turn of phrase is fantastic. He has done daft things, but this should be straightforward.”