The ex-Happy Mondays frontman says 'Clowns And Pet Sounds' is "beatniky, punky, hardy, funky"...

Former Happy Mondays singer SHAUN RYDER has completed his debut solo album – titled ‘CLOWNS AND PET SOUNDS’.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Ryder’s album was recorded in Off World Sounds studio in Perth, Australia, following the Happy Mondays‘ shows at the Big Day Out festival in 2000.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, he said it’s unclear when ‘Clowns And Pet Sounds’ will be released in the UK due to contractual problems, but he hopes to play live shows in late spring. He also said he has now been barred from Australia because he “couldn’t be arsed” to renew his visa.

He said: “(In the studio) we started putting this stuff together which is sorta like ‘Pet Sounds’…beatniky, punky, hardy, funky. You have to go to the Embassy to renew your visa every so often, but I couldn’t be arsed. I was coming to Britain for a visit and when I got to the airport the geezer said ‘You’ve overstayed your visa. It’s an automatic two-year ban’. Gutted, man.”

Ryder previously said that the album would be released under the name Shaun Ryder and Off World Sounds.