News on the tour - who's in and an important question...

The Happy Mondays are signing a deal to play four shows in April, it has now been confirmed.

Shaun Ryder has so far reunited with his bass-playing brother Paul, original drummer Gaz Whelan and guitarist Paul ‘Wags’ Wagstaff from Black Grape.

Negotiations with other band members are still ongoing.


The venues for the shows are thought to be in Brixton, Glasgow and the band’s spiritual home of Manchester.

The Mondays are also considering making it to some of the summer festivals. But the major promoters and venues are keeping tight lipped about the proposed shows.

A spokesman for the band told NME last week: “Everything’s being put into place as we speak. There a lot of conversations going on and things are generally going to plan. Everything should be worked out in the next couple of weeks.”

The Happy Mondays helped create the ‘Madchester’ scene of the late ’80s/early ’90s. They split in February 1993 and Ryder formed the now-defunct Black Grape soon after.

It looks like being a busy year for Shaun as he is also co-writing and starring in a film ‘Molly’s Idle Ways’, directed by his friend Tom ‘Too Nice Tim’ Bruggen, as previosuly reported in NME. Bruggen directed the Black Grape rockumentary ‘The Grape Tapes’.

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