The portly casanova says he's attempted to make "the most rock'n'roll R&B album ever"...

Har Mar Superstar is set to release his new album ‘THE HANDLER’ this autumn.

The follow-up to ‘You Can Feel Me’ is out on September 6, and will be preceded by a single, ‘DUI’, on August 16.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer John Fields, and features appearances from Yeah Yeah Yeahs stars Karen O and Nick Zinner, as well as Northern State.

While in LA, Har Mar Superstar stayed in the legendary Sunset Strip apartment inhabited by ‘Dirt’-era Motley Crue, where he “tried to summon up the lost spirit of my scuzzy neighbourhood by making the most rock’n’roll R&B album ever”.

Har Mar Superstar said: “This is the album I’ve been attempting to make my whole life. ‘The Handler’ chronicles all of the high highs and low lows of the last two years of growing up more or less publicly. Every detail is there for a reason.

“My goal was to make a more human record that hits everywhere from the joys of being on top to the harrowing loneliness of the same place. Just as importantly, I think the album is a whole lot of fun which is something a lot of musicians seem to be having a lot of trouble with lately. Some people wait their whole lives to feel this good about something. I’m lucky it happened by the age of 26.”