Har Mar Superstar and Macaulay Culkin snog onstage during Chicago gig – watch

The intimate moment was captured by The Orwells frontman Mario Cuomo

Har Mar Superstar and Macaulay Culkin kissed each other passionately during a recent gig in Chicago.

Culkin’s band The Pizza Underground are currently on the road with Har Mar in North America, and the two entertainers have been performing a duet at the shows, covering The Association’s ‘Never My Love’, reports Consequence of Sound.

Footage has now emerged of their performance in Chicago over the weekend, which sees Har Mar stripping Culkin of his shirt as the pair dance before embracing and kissing. Click below to see footage shot by The Orwells frontman Mario Cuomo.


When they were last in the UK Macaulay Culkin’s pizza themed Velvet Underground covers band had pints of beer thrown at them at the Nottingham leg of the Dot To Dot festival.

According to a local newspaper report, booing began after just one song. Full pints of beer were then thrown over the band with Culkin responding to say: “Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them!” However, his ability to endure the soaking ended shortly afterwards and the band left the stage after just three songs.

One fan who didn’t want to be named said: “It just sounds awful. I can’t believe he is doing this. Why bother? It must go down well in America or something.”