Yeah Yeah Yeah! They're heading for the studio...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

KAREN O is to go into the studio with Har Mar Superstar.

to record a sleazy R&B song, NME.COM can reveal.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now back in the US where they are just about to go out on the road supporting White Stripes.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from her New Jersey home, Karen said she’s keen to work on other projects outside of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as writing and recording for the band’s forthcoming second album. The first thing she wants to do is hook up with pal Har Mar Superstar, who she knows from way back.

“Plans for a collaboration with Har Mar are in the making when we both find the time,” she said. “I think it’ll be a little more R&B than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs usually are!”

Karen said that she felt lucky to even make it back to the US, after chaotic sets at the recent Carling Weekend festivals, where she almost broke her neck during a particularly riotous gig in Leeds.

“The reception we got was just ridiculous,” she told NME.COM. “That was such a crazy show for me because I was breaking glass Iggy Pop style. I came really close to going head first off the stage. I nearly broke my neck.”

Things will hopefully be a little calmer for the band this winter, when they retire to the studio to work on new songs of their own.


Karen said: “We’ve been banging out some new songs. We’re going to do that in the winter months and come back with a completely new set. There’s one thing that Yeah Yeah Yeahs used to do, that’s write two new songs for every show that we had.

“We were ridiculously prolific. We’re ready to start pumping them out again. We’ve been playing a few on the last tour. There’s three – ‘Down Boy’, ‘Rockers To Swallow’ and ‘Ten By Ten’. When me and Nick (Zinner) get together we never know what’s going to come out.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs release a new single, ‘Maps’, on Monday (September 22).


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