Bands react to London Astoria closure plans

Hard-Fi and Jack Penate condemn venue's demolition

Artists have been reacting to the news that London venue the Astoria is finally set to close with the capital’s mayor Ken Livingston conceeding the building “can’t be saved”.

As previously reported on NME.COM, under proposals from developers the Astoria will be replaced with a new venue.

Speaking to the BBC 6 Music Jack Penate said: “It’s an absolute disgusting travesty. I don’t understand how they can justify bringing down something that has hugely influenced all the youth – I would go constantly and all my friends did. When you’re growing up, that is the place.”


Hard-Fi‘s Richard Archer also complained, saying: “It’s really disappointing – we seem to be losing all the decent venues in London. What are they being replaced with? Nothing that I can see really.”