Hard-Fi to release greatest hits compilation

'Best of 2004 – 2014' will be released on January 26

Hard-Fi have announced that they will release a greatest hits album.

‘Best of 2004 – 2014’ will be released on January 26 and will feature the Staines band’s classic tracks ‘Cash Machine’ and ‘Hard To Beat’ and others from the band’s three studio albums.

The band are currently in the studio working on their fourth album. One new track ‘Move Over’ will feature on the compilation.


Speaking about the band’s 2005 debut ‘Stars of CCTV’, frontman Richard Archer said in a statement: “This really shouldn’t have happened, a debut made on a laptop in a nicotine stained broom cupboard – a musical style at the time so out of step with what we were being told to like… “

He continued: “Despite a naive optimism that something would one day come good in our musical quest I just couldn’t imagine anyone actually saying ‘yes’ let alone the journey which we’ve on for unbelievably 10 years. There’s been ups and downs, we met and played with our musical heroes, played some incredible shows, saw the world. Some things we nailed, some we fucked up but if you want REAL DIY punk spirit – this is it.”

Hard-Fi followed ‘Stars Of CCTV’ with 2007’s ‘Once Upon A Tine In The West’ and 2011’s ‘Killer Sounds’.

The tracklisting for Hard-Fi’s ‘Best of 2004 – 2014’ is:

‘Cash Machine’
‘Tied Up Too Tight’
‘Hard To Beat’
‘Living For The Weekend’
‘Better Do Better’
‘Stars Of CCTV’
‘Move On Now’
‘You and Me’
‘Suburban Knights’
‘Can’t Get Along (Without You)’
‘I Shall Overcome (Fist Full Of Dollars Mix)’
‘Good For Nothing’
‘Fire In The House’
‘Bring It On’
‘Give It Up’
‘Like A Drug’
‘Move Over’
‘Hard To Beat (Axwell Mix)’