Friday Fun: Bands as daytime TV shows

Johnny Cash In The Attic? Join in the fun with your own efforts…

It’s Friday (September 28), and we can almost taste the weekend.

Allow us at NME.COM to offer you a little starter… inspired by daytime TV star Jeremy Kyle’s recent run-in with a judge, who had less-than savoury things to say about the nature of his show – although Liam Gallagher has declared himself a fan: “He’s a geezer, one day he’s gonna lose it and proper have it with someone and I’m mad for that on live TV” – we’ve been thinking up bands as daytime TV shows.

Johnny Cash In The Attic, Hard-Fi Sell, System Of A Countdown – that’s the kind of thing we’ve been coming up with.

Think you can do better? Head over to the NME Office Blog now and see what everyone else has been coming up with, then leave your own efforts.

Why not ping the blog URL round your office and get your work-mates involved? After all, it is Friday afternoon…