Hard-Fi’s equipment destroyed on eve of UK tour

“We’ve had to beg and borrow to get it together,” says Richard Archer.

Hard-Fi are preparing for their forthcoming UK dates, despite the destruction of most of their equipment in France.

The band kicked off their British tour in Bristol on October 14, but were forced to work from scratch following their recent European jaunt which saw an airline destroy their luggage.

“Naively we expected our baggage to be on the same plane as us,” explained singer Richard Archer who arrived in Paris without Hard-Fi’s kit.

“We’ve been waiting for it for three days now. We’ve lost loads of our gear. Half of it is missing and the other half is all smashed-up. We’ve had to beg and borrow to get it together,” he said. “It’s an ‘A-Team’ situation, we’ve been welding odd bits of kit to get out of a fix.”

Despite the set back, Hard-Fi are feeling confident ahead of their UK dates, with covers including The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘Maps’ set to join their ‘Stars Of CCTV’ material.

“We want to get out there and meet people,” said Archer. “We’ve even got guys to work the lights and the monitor desk now. It’s a bit more crowded on the bus, but we feel like we’ve hit the big time.”

That does not extend to America yet. Bassist Kai Stephens is banned from the country due to a teenage drugs conviction, leaving Hard-Fi to shelve their US November tour rather than travel without him again.

“It’s an ongoing situation and it’s just fucking ridiculous,” declared Archer. “You can go to Japan if you did something over five years ago, but the US want to know everything you’ve ever done. They’re supposed to be a Christian country, what ever happened to valuing forgiveness?”