Hard-Fi hint at hometown gig

The band are planning something special

Hard-Fi have hinted that that they may play a one-off gig in their hometown.

The four-piece, who have just completed their UK tour off the back of a headline slot at the Hi:Fi festival, said they would love to perform a concert in Staines.

Guitarist Ross Phillips told NME.COM: “We were gonna do a gig at Cheekies nightclub but it all went wrong for one reason or another.

“But yeah we’d love to do a gig in Staines, definitely and get all our mates down. I think it’d be a right laugh. I was thinking maybe we could do it in a little pub and have people queuing down the streets and that. I think it’d be cool.”

Following their recent tour of the UK, the band are hoping to continue working on their second as-yet-untitled record.

Although the album is in its early stages, Ross confirmed that the band still have a lot of songs left over from the first album which they may use.

He went on: “We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had a lot of time to put into it. When we were working on the first one, there were still a lot of songs knocking about from then.

“There’s still a lot of stuff and tunes that need arranging. A lot of them are just on acoustic guitar at the minute with vocals. They need arranging into Hard-Fi tracks.”