The Tidy Trax label organise a five-a-side tournament, with all proceeds going to late DJ Tony De Vit's memorial fund...

Hard House label TIDY TRAX have put together the first ever Hard House five-a-side football tournament, with all money raised going to benefit the TONY DE VIT memorial fund.

“The idea just came from us asking our hard house friends if they wanted a kickabout,” explained Tidy Trax‘s Andy Pickles. “I spoke to Tony De Vit‘s parents, and they wanted to sponsor it and put a trophy together. That’s when it escalated into being the TDV cup, with the family presenting it at Sundissential.”

There are now over ten teams involved, including ones from Nukleuz, Tripoli Trax and Sundissential. The event takes place at the Guildford Spectrum on October 8. “I can’t say whether Tony was a football fan or not,” concluded Pickles, “but he was always up for a laugh!”. The event, which the label hopes will become an annual fixture, will conclude with the presentation of the cup by De Vit‘s father Ray at Tony‘s memorial gig at Sundissential on November 26th. De Vit, who for many was the inventor of hard house, died of a bronchial condition related to his HIV medication on July 2, 1998.

The event coincides with a flurry of activity for the label, which has had its most successful year yet in the wake of the massive boom in hard house. They have a compilation entitled ‘Insomnia’ out on September 25th, and they celebrate their fifth birthday party with a party at The Mezzanine in Wolverhampton on September 29th. Lisa Lashes, Ian M, Tidy Boys, Lee Haslam and The Tidy Boys themselves are to DJ.