Watch Harry Styles kiss Lorde after beating her to win an award

Ex-1D star beat New Zealand singer to pick up Best International Artist at Australia's ARIA Awards

Harry Styles kissed Lorde on the cheek as he accepted an award at Australia’s ARIA Awards.

The former One Direction star beat the New Zealand singer, among others, to pick up the Best International Artist award at the ceremony in Sydney on Tuesday (November 28).

After being announced as the winner, Styles stopped on his way to the stage to offer his commiserations to Lorde, who was sat in the front row. Styles hugged Lorde and kissed her on the cheek. See in the video beneath.

Accepting his award, Styles thanked his fans and said that “everyone here has always been so wonderful to me”. He went on to perform his song ‘Kiwi’.

After footage surfaced of the Styles-Lorde cheek kiss, fans took to social media to react, with one comparing the moment to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal engagement announcement.

Meanwhile, Lorde has been named as NME‘s best album and track of the year.

“It was difficult in that the nature of the material and how difficult a lot of the emotional stuff was, it just made it come very slowly,” Lorde told NME about how heartbreak influenced the writing of ‘Melodrama‘.

“I’d just be putting in the hours and just bleeding, like, a couple of sentences, or a pre-chorus, or a drum sound in a day. But did I ever think that I didn’t want to be honest on it? No! And I didn’t even think of it until I played it in front of a couple of the parties concerned, and I was like “ah yeah, that’s right, I really snipped that memory from out between us and stapled it into the song” – which I think is nice.”

“It’s something that I’m now going to do forever, and will probably only get more incisive and more authentic.”