Harry Styles on fight against racial injustice: “I’ve not been outspoken enough in the past”

"My own comfort in the conversation has nothing to do with the problem"

Harry Styles has said he’s not “been outspoken enough in the past” in the ongoing fight against racial injustice.

The ‘Fine Line’ pop star spoke out publicly in the wake of George Floyd’s death back in May, urging that “we must be anti-racist” in order to achieve real change within society.

“I do things every day without fear, because I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white,” he said in the tweet.


During a lengthy new interview with Variety, Styles elaborated on his views – explaining that “talking about race can be really uncomfortable for everyone”.

“I had a realisation that my own comfort in the conversation has nothing to do with the problem – like that’s not enough of a reason to not have a conversation,” he continued.
“Looking back, I don’t think I’ve been outspoken enough in the past.”

Harry Styles
Harry Styles. CREDIT: Getty

Styles went on to say that this feeling then “pushed me forward to being open and ready to learn” about these issues.

“How can I ensure from my side that in 20 years, the right things are still being done and the right people are getting the right opportunities?” he said. “That it’s not a passing thing?”


In a separate tweet posted in May, Styles called on his followers to “look inwards, educate yourself and others”. “Listen, read, share, donate and vote,” he added. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Meanwhile, Styles is set to release a limited edition vinyl box set of ‘Fine Line’ next Friday (December 11). The collection will include a 24-page lyrics zine, 10 gloss prints and more.