Harry Styles stops gig after fan suffers a panic attack

Former One Direction singer was performing at a two night residency at the Eventim Apollo

Harry Styles halted a concert in London after a female fan suffered a panic attack.

The singer was performing ‘Just A little Bit Of Your Heart’ at the Eventim Apollo in the capital earlier this week when he spotted the fan in the crowd.

He stopped the gig and said: “Is everyone OK? You still with me? Do you want to help her up? If everyone could give her some space. If everyone could chill for one second, we’ll get some people.”


She was then pulled over the barrier and treated by medics.


She later took to Twitter to thanks Styles. “Harry Styles stopped his entire show because I got crushed and then watched me being pulled over the barrier…” she wrote.

“That was one of the most horrendous panic attack’s I’ve ever had like even the medics were terrified of the state I was in … Harry is so fucking pure I can’t believe it …

“I was literally in the worst state that all I remember was Harry looking at me (sic)”

She added in other tweets: “I feel like shit but I’m so grateful to harry for having such a pure heart and stopping the show to get security to help me…


“Also sooooo grateful to the girls around me who realised what was happening and screamed for security… Honestly Harry Styles is so talented, all his songs are bops and he’s an absolute angel.”

The fan missed the rest of the show because of her panic attack but she managed to get a ticket to see him play his second night at the Apollo.

During that gig Styles also slipped over on a kiwi thrown on stage.

A bunch of fans took it upon themselves to hurl kiwi fruit at the singer as he performed the appropriately-titled ‘Kiwi’ from that album – a joke which ended in clumsy calamity.

He will perform his final UK gig tonight (November 2) at Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo.