CNN forced to issue retraction after labelling Hatebreed a ‘white-power band’

Hardcore band were furious to be named alongside bands such as 'Jew Slaughter' and 'Angry Aryans'

US news network CNN was forced to issue a retraction after they named hardcore punks Hatebreed in a list of “white-power hardcore bands”.

The band, who play UK festival Bloodstock this weekend, were named alongside groups like End Apathy, Angry Aryans, Jew Slaughter and Definite Hate in an article on the website, despite not having any association with the ‘white-power’ movement at all.

The article was written by author Lonnie Nasatir after it was discovered that the alleged shooter at Sunday’s (August 5) Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre was the frontman of a hardcore band and has links to the ‘white-power’ movement.


Hatebreed, who actually take their name from The Misfits’ track ‘Hatebreeders’, hit out at the network, writing: “Our music brings people of all races together all over the world. CNN need to get their facts straight. Writers like Lonnie Nasatir are the reason why the American media is looked at as a complete joke. CNN loses all respect, now they slander us. We demand a retraction and an apology.”

CNN did then issue a retraction, but not an apology, writing simply that it regretted the error.

Hatebreed released their fifth, self-titled studio album in 2009.

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