“We haven’t been taken seriously”: Dua Lipa discusses gender inequality in the music industry

"I hope we get to the point where we feel equal to men, and where we have equal opportunities."

Dua Lipa has spoken about ongoing inequality in the music industry between men and women, in a new interview with British Vogue.

“People are starting to slowly wake up to the fact that it’s not that women haven’t been working hard or that we haven’t been pushing ourselves forward,” she said.

“It’s just that we haven’t been taken seriously, or been given opportunities. I hope for years to come we’ll just bring sprinkles and sprinkles more of that, to the point where we feel equal to men, and where we have equal opportunities.

“I think it’s about the public not being so hard on women for wanting to be ourselves.”

This follows recent comments by the star at The Grammy’s in February, which took aim at the awards’ then-President Neil Portnow.

Portnow caused controversy in a press conference at the 2018 awards ceremony when he suggested there was a lack of female winners because women needed to “step up” their game.

While picking up her award for Best New Artist, her second of the night, Lipa said: “I guess where I want to begin is by saying how honoured I am to be nominated alongside so many really incredible female artists this year. I guess this year we’ve really stepped up.”

Last week (April 9), the singer followed up the comments in an interview with Elle, in which she explained that she hadn’t planned to call out Portnow.

Meanwhile, Lipa is currently working on her second album. The singer recently shared an update with fans, revealing that she had been in the studio with Nile Rodgers. “I want to keep you all in and part of the process so, as I’m slowly going on and starting to finish songs for my next album, yesterday was truly one for the books,” she wrote on Twitter.