Classic psychedelic metal song given the Jimmy Cauty trance treatment...

KLF/K Foundation man Jimmy Cauty has remixed Hawkwind‘s classic 1972 hit single ‘Silver Machine’ and its set for release later this summer.

Promos of the ‘Scourge Of The Earth’ remix have already been circulated to DJs and clubs which builds the classic space metal track into a trance track.

The K Foundation also feature on the cover of Confusion Incorporated – A Collection Of Lies Hoaxes & Hidden Truths by author and prankster Stewart Home, just published by Codex books priced ‘7.95. According to Home, his article on the K Foundation that appeared in The Big Issue in 1997, claiming that Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty kidnapped him and showed him an array of weapons, later resulted in their arrest by by Devon and Cornwall police. He also claims that the KLF are performing again and will do anything to raise enough money to purchase Stonehenge from English Heritage and use it for ritual purposes.

No release date has been set for the Hawkwind single. You can order Stewart Home‘s book online from Codex website.