Hayden Thorpe announces details of second solo album ‘Moondust For My Diamond’

The former Wild Beasts frontman is previewing the new record with first single 'The Universe Is Always Right'

Former Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe has revealed details of his second solo album, ‘Moondust For My Diamond’.

The new record, which follows 2019 debut ‘Diviner’ and last year’s ‘Aerial Songs’ EP, will come out on October 15 via Domino, and is being previewed by a video for first single ‘The Universe Is Always Right’.

According to Thorpe, the album concerns the meeting point between science and religion, the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time.”


In a statement, he added: “What about nature? What about the cosmos? What about all these things that break through the tyranny of the self? Our sense organs bring the world inside of us after all, I just had to sing it back out. I was enchanted again with the mystery of science and how I might speak from the heart in an age where metric is gospel.”

Watch the video for ‘The Universe Is Always Right’ below.

Thorpe worked on ‘Moondust For My Diamond’ with Nathan Jenkins – aka producer Bullion – alongside Richard Formby and Heba Kadry.

The album will be showcased at two October live dates in the UK, with Thorpe playing his hometown of Kendal at the Brewery Arts Centre on October 9, before coming to London on the LP’s release date (October 15) for a gig at Chat’s Palace.

The headline shows will then be followed by a run of rescheduled UK and European dates in support of Jon Hopkins.


See the artwork and tracklisting for ‘Moondust For My Diamond’ below. The album can be pre-ordered on climate-conscious, plastic-free vinyl here.

Hayden Thorpe

1. ‘Material World’
2. ‘The Universe Is Always Right’
3. ‘No Such Thing’
4. ‘Parallel Kingdom’
5. ‘Golden Ratio’
6. ‘Metafeeling’
7. ‘Supersensual’
8. ‘Hotel November Tango’
9. ‘Rational Heartache’
10. ‘Spherical Time II’
11. ‘Suspended Animation’
12. ‘Runaway World’

Reviewing Thorpe’s debut album ‘Diviner’ upon its release in 2019, NME wrote: “Wild Beasts sometimes seemed overly enamoured with ideology, self-aware to a fault, while Thorpe’s solo album is simpler, more direct, more self-contained – and therein lies its power.”

Last year, Thorpe teamed up with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip on a new collaborative single called ‘Unknown Song’.

‘Unknown Song’ is the pair’s first collaboration, and is a danceable track inspired by a newfound feeling of connectivity whilst in lockdown.

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