Hayley Williams affirms Paramore’s stance against homophobia: “There’s a reason there are only three people left in Paramore”

"To Paramore’s LGBTQ+ family... you are full of love and you are loved"

Hayley Williams has taken to social media to reaffirm Paramore‘s stance against homophobia, suggesting that the band’s intolerance for anti-LGBTQ views was a reason why former members left the group.

As Stereogum reports, Williams’ remarks came after a recent comment allegedly made by former member Josh Farro, in which homosexuality is called “a perversion”, circulated on social media.

Josh and his brother Zac Farro both left the band in 2010, with Zac rejoining in 2017. Paramore’s current line-up is Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York.


On October 28, Williams sent tweets reaffirming the band’s support of the LGBTQ+ community. Though she mentions Paramore’s changing line-up, she did not name Farro in her tweets.

“There’s a reason there are only 3 people left in Paramore. Surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me,” Williams wrote.

“Paramore do not condone religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs which leave our LGBTQ+ friends, fans, & family feeling abandoned and hopeless.

“If that doesn’t jive with you, well, feel free to go to where all past members of Paramore have gone which is literally anywhere else but Paramore.”

“To Paramore’s LGBTQ+ family,” she continued, specifically addressing Brian J O’Connor, the creative director of her hair dye company Good Dye Young, “you are full of love and you are loved.”

See Williams’ tweets below.


Earlier this week, Williams announced a three-track EP, ‘Self-Serenades’, which will feature  acoustic renditions of two tracks from her debut solo album, ‘Petals For Armor’, as well as a new song, ‘Find Me Here’.

‘Petals For Armor’ arrived in May. NME rated it four stars, praising the record as “fiercely vulnerable alt-pop”.

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