Hayley Williams gets her freak on for the twisted ‘Cinnamon’, shares debut solo EP

Freaky stuff...

Hayley Williams has shared the third single from her ‘Petals of Armor’ project along with her debut, five-track solo EP.

‘Petals of Armor I’ landed on streaming platforms today (February 6) shortly after the release of ‘Cinnamon’. The new single is paired with a disturbing video in which Williams dances with people in morph suits.

‘Cinnamon’ starts off with sketches of warped arrangements and vocal mutations before blossoming into an all-out modern funk track. Watch the video below.


Williams’ new EP, titled ‘Petals of Armor I’, features the her previously released singles ‘Simmer’ and ‘Leave It Alone’, as well as ‘Cinnamon’, ‘Creepin”, and ‘Sudden Desire’.

Williams explained what the ‘Petals For Armor’ project is about in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac. “It’s part of a lyric in ‘Simmer’,” she explained of the album title. “A while ago, I went to this cranial-sacral masseuse. Maybe a lot of people might consider that a kind of woo woo witch doctor but I’ll take any help I can get.

“I was laying on her table and I started having these weirdly creepy visions of flowers growing out of me – and not in a beautiful way, it was very painful and very grotesque but I kind of realised in that moment there was a lot that was trying so hard to grow out of me and it was going to hurt to do.”


‘Petals For Armor I’ is out now, with the Paramore frontwoman’s full album ‘Petals For Armor’ set to drop in full by May 8.

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