Hayley Williams says ‘music and friendship’ is the only reason she ‘physically and emotionally survived’ the past two years

“We're in this beautifully innocent and kind of fresh feeling place, all because of those two things," she said

Hayley Williams has spoken of her personal and professional struggles over the past couple of years, citing ‘music and friendships’ as her saviour.

Paramore are currently gearing up for a special one-off concert event in their hometown of Nashville this Friday (September 7). It’s set to celebrate Nashville’s music scene, with a headline performance from Paramore as well as sets from Bully, COIN, Canon Blue, Liza Ann and Nightingail.

Titled ‘Art + Friends’, the message behind the show is something that rings particularly true for the frontwoman. “I got on stage and I really was nervous about what to say,” Williams told The Tennessean of her time on the 2016 Parahoy! cruise.


“Jeremy (Davis, former bassist) wasn’t in the band anymore. I had been going through what would eventually become a divorce. And I just realized in that moment up on stage, the only reason I had physically and emotionally survived was because of music and because of my friendships. It kind of remained a very heavy truth for me the next few years,” she explained.

Speaking of Paramore now, Williams added, “We’re in this beautifully innocent and kind of fresh feeling place, all because of those two things.”

“It feels like I’m holding the band in an open palm, versus grasping on to it like it’s the last thread of a rope that I’ve been hanging on to.

“I feel a bit more tenderness towards it, and I feel that it’s not something I can control whether it goes or stays. It’s a living thing, and I’m a part of it. It’s just relieving. I love my friends and I love music, so at the end of the day, whatever capacity that’s in, I think that’s gonna keep me going. That’s gonna keep me alive.”

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