HEALTH release live ‘Stonefist’ video – watch

Clip recorded at London's The Dome

HEALTH have shared a live performance video of their song ‘Stonefist’.

Shot at London’s The Dome this past June by director Giorgio Testi as a single shot on a Sony F65 8k camera, the video is the first live concert film to be shot in 8k, with all movement executed by zooms and pans.

Speaking about the challenges of shooting a live clip in one shot, Testi, who is known for his live films of Blur, The Rolling Stones, Savages and more, said: “I love long takes at gigs, but it’s usually pretty hard to deliver an interesting long take during an actual concert in front of an audience, especially if you want to offer different point of views through out: you really only have one take to deliver that, and it’s really challenging.”


Testi developed a method of creating a three-dimensional silk screen, wherein he composed high definition frames within a single shot in order to allow him to make movements in post production through pans and zooms to give the single camera shot a multi-camera experience. Click below to watch the video.

The song originally appeared on HEALTH’s most recent album ‘Death Magic’, which was released in August.

reviewed the album positively, giving it 8/10. Writer Jordan Basset said: “Almost every song bursts with new ideas, from the swathes of synth that slosh around ‘Flesh World (UK)’ to the subtle house bassline that throbs through ‘L.A. Looks’, the record’s second most accessible track. Fusing elements of EDM (the staccato, electro squall of lead single ‘New Coke’) and their trademark industrial (the crushing slabs of white noise that smother Duzsik’s wispy vocals on ‘Men Today’) with pop choruses, the album mashes genres together triumphantly.”