HEALTH stream new album ‘Death Magic’ – listen

'Death Magic' is due out on August 7

HEALTH are streaming their new album ahead of its release next week.

The album is the LA noise outfit’s third record and their first since ‘Get Colour’ was released in 2009. They released a self-titled debut in 2007.

New album ‘Death Magic’ features the previously heard tracks ‘Men Today’ and ‘New Coke’.


The band worked on ‘Death Magic’ with electronic musician The Haxan Cloak, Mars Volta engineer Lars Stalfors and Kanye West engineer Andrew Dawson.

reviewed the album positively, giving it 8/10. Writer Jordan Basset said: “Almost every song bursts with new ideas, from the swathes of synth that slosh around ‘Flesh World (UK)’ to the subtle house bassline that throbs through ‘L.A. Looks’, the record’s second most accessible track. Fusing elements of EDM (the staccato, electro squall of lead single ‘New Coke’) and their trademark industrial (the crushing slabs of white noise that smother Duzsik’s wispy vocals on ‘Men Today’) with pop choruses, the album mashes genres together triumphantly.”

The ‘Death Magic’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Men Today’
‘Flesh World (UK)’
‘Courtship II’
‘Dark Enough’
‘New Coke’
‘L.A. Looks’
‘Hurt Yourself’
‘Drugs Exist’