Hear Allie X and Mitski team up on shiny new song ‘Susie Save Your Love’

The track is lifted from the former's new album 'Cape God'

Allie X has collaborated with Mitski on a new song – listen to ‘Susie Save Your Love’ below.

The ’80s-influenced track comes from Allie’s new album ‘Cape God’, which came out yesterday (February 21).

The new song is the first we’ve heard of Mitski since she announced she taking an indefinite hiatus from touring last year. Hear it below.


“I discovered Mitski’s music a couple of years ago and was instantly smitten,” Allie X told Apple Music in a new interview about the song. “She has such a singular voice—it was so authentic, so sad, so relatable.

“Mitski’s taking a break from the music industry at the moment—she’s not on social media, she’s not touring. And so when I asked her to sing on the track, she was like, ‘I love this song so much, but I’m saying no to every feature right now.’

“But then one day I was flying somewhere and when I landed, there was a text from Mitski saying, ‘Hey, no pressure, but if you still want me to do the feature on the song, I think I would like to do it.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, yes!'”

She continued: “She doesn’t really do features, so I feel very lucky. ‘Susie Save Your Love’ is a song about being in love with your best friend and she’s dating a guy you don’t like—you know he doesn’t treat her right, and you just want to scoop her up and save her.”


In an NME Radar interview last year, Allie X said: “In the up and coming business side, I do see a lot of change. I see a lot of gay men moving into positions of power. I see a lot happening for the LBGTQ+ community; I see visibility for trans artists. There’s a lot of great stuff happening.”

Reviewing Mitski’s farewell show before her hiatus in New York’s Central Park, NME called the goodbye “a reminder that this is a musician who doesn’t need bells and whistles to create something beautiful”.

“Who knows when we’ll see Mitski again but, whatever she does next, it feels like a safe bet that her return will be just as stunning as her goodbye.”

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