Hear (almost) every song Four Tet’s ever been part of in mammoth new playlist

And it stretches to over 500 tracks

Four Tet has shared a huge new Spotify playlist that collates almost every song he’s ever been a part of.

With the exception of his first studio album under the moniker and a few collaborations with Burial that aren’t on streaming services, the 500-song-plus playlist is the complete works of Kieran Hebden.

“I’ve been going through my archive finding old music that I worked on and photos,” Hebden began, posting on Instagram. “It made me wonder how much stuff is on Spotify that I’ve been part of so I put everything I could find in a playlist. It’s 526 tracks so far and there is a link to it in my bio.”


As well as all but one of his studio albums under the Four Tet name – most recently, this year’s ‘Sixteen Oceans’ – the playlist also features remixes and collaborations with the likes of Chvrches, Daniel Avery, Caribou and many, many more. Listen to it below.

Last year, Hebden released a “post-election” mix with audio from 100 people’s comments and opinions after the UK general election, which saw Boris Johnson win an overwhelming majority in parliament.

The mix included instant reaction from UK celebrities including comedian Tez Ilyas and TV personalities such as Divina de Campo and Crystal from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, alongside members of the public aged 18-25.


Read why Four Tet’s new album ‘Sixteen Oceans’ – and dance music in general – is the perfect balm for anxiety-inducing self-isolation on NME here.

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