Hear new music by Goat Girl and Black Midi from new Brixton Windmill charity compilation

Proceeds are being split between the venue and Brixton Soup Kitchen

Goat Girl and Black Midi are among the sixteen artists to contribute to a forthcoming compilation album in aid of crucial indie venue The Brixton Windmill.

‘Live At The Windmill’ costs £5 via Bandcamp, with half of proceeds going towards the venue, and half going towards the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Goat Girl’s performance of ‘Slowly Reclines’ and Black Midi’s ‘bmbmbm’ can be streamed below, while performances by the likes of Fontaines D.C., Kate Tempest and Shame can be heard once purchased.


A performance by Black Midi and Black Country, New Road supergroup ‘Black Midi New Road’ is also included on the record.

“When it’s safe to reopen we want nothing more than to celebrate at our spiritual home with all the amazing people that make it what it is, but until then, they need our help,” said Goat Girl.

Meanwhile The Windmill booker Tim Perry said: “We’re stunned by the co-operation and support from all these artists. On the compilation there’s some famous ones, some cult ones and, in the spirit of the venue, some brand new ones we hope you enjoy”.

The album being released today to coincide with a new initiative by Bandcamp which is seeing them waive their share of income from sales for the first Friday of every month in order to boost artists’ revenue through coronavirus.


The music distribution platform typically take a 15 per cent share of digital sales and 10 per cent from merchandise.

‘Live At The Windmill’ is also being released as part of the nationwide #SaveOurVenues campaign, organised by the Music Venues Trust.

“Put bluntly, without these venues the opportunities for artists and audiences to connect in a meaningful way at a local level will simply disappear in a lot of cases,” said the organisation’s co-founder Mark Davyd. “And if they go they will never come back.”